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Why You Should Treat Your Chronic Back Pain with Fisher Traction’s Back Traction Device

Here we'll discuss back traction as a way to relieve back pain. Back traction can be self-administered easily at home, or anytime, anywhere, with Fisher Traction’s Lower Back Device. Let's learn about what causes back pain, and then you'll discover how Fisher Traction can bring relief.


Back pain is one of the most common types of chronic pain experienced by American adults. In fact, according to a study by the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, approximately 84% of Americans will experience chronic back pain at some point in their lives - and most in their lower back. Back pain is a leading cause of disability and lost productivity in the workplace.


Causes of Lower Back Pain

The causes of lower back pain are almost too numerous to mention. Lifting and twisting injuries are quite common, and these can lead to slipped or herniated discs. Often, a pinched nerve is a secondary outcome of a herniated disc, and then there is the resulting pain, tingling, and/or numbness from the nerve. Sciatica is another cause of lower back pain that can radiate down the legs. Bad posture, degenerative disc disease, bone spurs, soft tissue damage from back trauma, spinal fractures...the list goes on and on.


Some of these are much more serious than others and require treatment by a medical doctor (and perhaps even surgery). But other types of back pain - while still quite painful and intrusive - can be addressed and treated at home.


Why is Back Pain So Pervasive?

So, why are so many of us walking around with back pain, as opposed to, say, foot pain or elbow pain? Because the back is the body part responsible for all our physical activity. At the root of every motion we make is our back - either utilizing a nerve signal, tendons, muscles or the bones in our spine, or some combination thereof. So, when the back is injured, you feel it in almost every movement you make: getting out of a car, picking up a sock or wet towel off the ground, picking up a child, reaching for a bowl in the cabinet, running the vacuum, carrying in the groceries...even sitting in a chair can be excruciatingly painful.


Treatments for Lower Back Pain

With so many people in pain, there are myriad options for treatments and relief: ice, heat, anti-inflammatory medication and painkillers, massage, massage chairs, rest, chiropractic care, and physical therapy.

If you’ve ever had lower back pain, you’ve probably tried at least one — if not many — of these remedies. Here, though, we’re going to talk about another unique at-home treatment that is affordable, portable, simple-to-execute and extremely effective for less serious back injuries: back traction.


How Does Back Traction Work?

Back traction achieves spinal decompression by applying a pulling force to stretch the spine and take the pressure off of compressed discs. It can be performed by a physical therapist while the patient lies on a table, either manually (with their hands) or mechanically (with a system of weights and pulleys). But back traction can also be self-administered, at home, with the help of a product such as Fisher Traction’s Lower Back Device.


With the Fisher Traction device, you simply need the floor, a door handle, and the device itself (foam wedges are optional for positioning). You begin by attaching a strap, connected to the device’s patented Negative G-Force Technology bungee, to a door handle. Then, while sitting on the ground, you place the back harness over your head and move it down until it’s around your lower hips. Next, you scoot back until the bungee feels snug, then lay down and let the pulling force do its work to gently and slowly stretch the vertebrae and release pressure.


One of the key components of the Fisher back traction device is the Release Strap. This is a strap that you hold in one hand as you are laying down. Every few minutes, you pull the strap for 30-60 seconds. This releases the tension in the Negative G-Force bungee, allowing your discs to absorb the fluid that has collected during the stretching phase. Then, you stop pulling the release strap, and the spinal traction resumes.


It Sounds Complicated; Will I Be Able to Figure it Out?

The Fisher Traction Lower Back Device is actually quite simple to set up and use. Dr. Fisher has made helpful YouTube videos with step-by-step instructions of how to set up the device, as well as full demonstrations of the traction process. It’s truly as simple as looping the strap around an outer door handle, closing the door, looping the back harness around your back and laying down! Dr. Fisher also gives several pointers for the ideal angle of the strap, how to tighten the buckle, how to use the Release Strap, and how to position the foam wedges (if you’ve purchased them).


Will I Feel Pain During or After Traction?

Back traction should not cause pain, but it might cause discomfort as the muscles in your low back are stretched in a way they may not ever have been. Some discomfort is okay and even normal, as the muscles surrounding your spine may be “muscle-guarding,” tightening up to prevent themselves from being overstretched. But the technology behind Fisher Traction’s Lower Back Device won’t allow it to overstretch your spine; it is a gentle pull, modulated by the user with the Release Strap.


In fact, it’s important if you experience some discomfort to persevere with consistent, daily treatment for at least thirty days. That is about how long it takes traction and other treatments to have a therapeutic effect, and for the body to adjust and experience true spinal decompression.  Traction should bring pain relief. If someone experiences real pain during or after traction, they should stop treatment and ensure they’re using the device according to manufacturer’s recommendations. If they have a more serious spinal condition than can be helped by traction, they should see a doctor.


What Results Can I Expect?

After completing thirty days of lower back traction (some people feel results much sooner), people may experience pain relief, decompressed joints, and proper back alignment, improving the way they move and feel throughout the day.


Just listen to what this Fisher Traction Lower Back Device user had to say recently: “I’ve had neck and lower back problems for as long as I can remember. After using your devices for just one day, I felt immediate relief. Thanks to you, my life has changed for the better... I feel so relaxed throughout the day.” Or, this person’s positive experience: “Just received and used the full kit for the first time - OH MY what a relief! My lower back and neck feel decompressed, loose, and significantly more comfortable and mobile. This is an excellent tool, excellent design, easy to use, and I would absolutely recommend this to anyone looking for low back or neck relief...AWESOME PRODUCT!”



Get Relief from Back Pain with Fisher Traction


Back traction can be truly life-altering for many chronic back pain sufferers. If you’ve been looking for an easy to set up, easy-to-use device that can deliver real back pain relief results, you need to try Fisher Traction. With Fisher Traction, you can literally get pain relief anytime, anywhere. Feel the benefits of decompression: relief starts here.