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Full Relief Package

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The Fisher Traction Full Relief Package includes everything you need for full neck and lower back decompression, at $30 off!

This includes: 

  • Fisher Traction-Neck
  • Shoulder Wedge
  • Fisher Traction-Back 
  • Pair of Knee Wedges
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I recommend this product

Love this product!

This traction is way more than what I expected! It’s super light weight which kind of made me nervous when I received it and that it wasn’t going to do anything, but I was wrong. It pulls so strong kind of hurt at first. I tried the hammock which did nothing but just lift my head off the floor and provided no pull like this did. Fisher traction kind of feels like someone else is pulling on your head as I laid there. My neck pain was basically gone after the 3rd or 4th times using it for about 15 min each time. I watched Dr Fisher’s videos on their Ytube channel which really helped explain everything in-depth. I am going to try the 21 day challenge he talks about to see if maybe my neck will go back to normal for good. Totally worth the price which I thought was a little high until I felt the pull. I like that I can wash the head piece if I get makeup on it. I think it is a really good investment as it is made of strong plastic and nylon straps. Fits in my travel bag too. Must try for at least 3-4 times for me. Good investment thanks!

Sami A.
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I recommend this product

Helped me so much!

Nothing has really made me feel like I can control my neck pain by myself until now! Wow this really works! I've been dealing with neck pain for years and tried everything but nothing has really made me feel like I can control my neck pain by myself until now. I watched the videos a few times which were really helpful. After 4-5 days I could really tell the difference in my neck pain. I did what Dr. F suggested every night before bed but it felt so good I started to use it in the mornings too. I'm using it every day. The pull is really strong and it's so relaxing I sometimes fall asleep while in traction. I really think this is going to be my answer to being able to care for myself. It's going to save me money in the long run for massages and therapy too. Thanks Fisher Traction.

Fisher Traction Neck Device Review
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I recommend this product

Physician Dr. Steve highly recommends for disc herniations in the neck

Resolved my severe cervical pain from a C6-7 herniated disc I am a physician who, one year ago, was diagnosed with a left-sided 2 mm C6-7 disc herniation with left-sided cervical radiculopathy (index finger numbness and triceps weakness) with 10/10 excruciating neck pain necessitating that I sleep in a recliner. I tried PT with little improvement, so I stopped it and started using this traction on my own accord. At first I could only tolerate a few minutes with only a mild amount of traction, but I continued to use it diligently every night, and after a year I had worked my way up to 15-20 minutes with approximately #40 of traction (based on a hand-held luggage scale I used to measure the force). There is a bit of a learning curve getting positioning oneself in the traction, and having someone assist for the first few sessions is helpful until you get the hang of it, at which point it becomes much more intuitive. I use masking tape to mark the optimal distance for the pillow supporting my shoulders from the door, since a few inches difference in distance from the wall will exponentially increase the amount of traction. Great product, and was a life-saver for me.

A Fisher Traction Customer
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New lease on life

I have waited a few months to write this, I have tried everything, and I mean everything to get relief from a real bad case of siratica. You name it, I've tried it. I accidentally stumbled across a local PT that offered mechanical decompression, and for the first time in six years I felt real relief. I purchased twelve sessions for about $800.00, but began my search for something I could do at home, and take with me when I travel. This is absolutely the real deal. I use both of Dr Fishers traction decompression divices every day for twenty minutes. I've been pain free for several months now. Dr Fisher even called me to discuss my issue personally, and I can't thant him enough.


Fisher Traction

Brad that’s so awesome! I’m so happy my invention helped. Your success is our success! Keep up the good work. We’re always here for you if you need more help. Dr F.

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I recommend this product

Best home traction I've ever seen!

I loved it. I have been looking for a traction device at home that was as strong as the one at my chiropractor's office and I finally found it! I tried a bunch of others including the neck hammock which was nothing compared to this. Fisher traction has so much pull that my head goes numb on the top just like at my chiropractor's office. I just lay on my flow at night and let it do the pulling. I felt the numbness in my finger tips go away almost immediately after the very first use. I can lay in the traction now for up to 20-25 min and I almost go to sleep it's so relaxing. This traction really pulls there is nothing else like it that I have seen in 10 years of looking. Get it.