Fisher Traction

Lower Back Device


Please select the correct option for your body weight. This is essential for ensuring effective pain relief:
Add knee wedges to maximize decompression:
Finally, instant relief for your lower back! Use the Lower Back Device to instantly relieve stress from the day. Get into a comfortable position on the floor with Fisher Traction around your waist pulling in the opposite direction. The weight of your body will relieve the pain instantly

Please select the correct option for your body weight. This is essential to ensuring the right pull force for your body.

This includes the Fisher Traction back unit, instruction manual, and (optional) knee wedges. Every purchase with a 30 day satisfaction guarantee!

Please choose the option that aligns with your body weight. If you are over 230 lbs, a stronger pull force is needed for you to get the full benefit of Fisher Traction.

While the wedges are not required, they enhance the body's natural alignment by relaxing the back & neck. This allows for maximum decompression.

Fisher Traction is easy and safe to use on your own at home. Please follow the directions included with your unit. If you have a serious spinal condition or your symptoms worsen with use, please consult your doctor.

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Fisher Traction’s patented bungee technology creates a safe pull of up to 160 lbs, offering one of the only at-home traction devices that can decompress without medical assistance. Traction is designed to treat muscle and skeletal disorders by relieving pain, lessening or eliminating muscle spasms and releasing pressure off the spine and bones during treatments.

Step 1

Attach the red loop to the
outer door handle above the lock and close the door. Pull the strap to make sure it has been safely fastened

Step 2

While sitting on the floor, slip harness over head and down to your hips. Slowly slide away from the door until the harness feels snug. Slide the black buckle down to tighten the harness around your hips. Slowly lay down on your back while gently holding the release strap in one hand.

Step 3

At intervals of 3-5 minutes, gently pull and hold steady the release strap for approximately 30-60 seconds. This will allow the discs to absorb the fluid it has collected while in the stretching stage. This process is needed for decompression and healing.

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Christine F.
United States United States
Hard to rate

I think it will take time, 2 times per day, everyday, for maybe 2 months might be a point to start evaluating this. I started with 10 minute sessions and 3 weeks later I'm at 20 minute sessions. I'm not as sore as when I started, and seem to be acclimating to it a little better, but I'm not really finding a difference in functioning yet. I'm 74, work out an average of 2 hours every morning 6 days a week, using cardio and strength programs.

James R.
United States United States
Lower back unit

Big fan! A great and easy way to have some back decompression available whenever you need.

United States United States
sooo lovely after a long day

I'm a photographer and after any shoot, my back is killing me from being in all sorts of funky positions to get that perfect shot. Any time I want to prioritize a GOOD night's sleep, I make sure to use my lower back unit before bed. It's been super helpful. I feel like I melt onto my bed after using it. Definitely worth it for me

Adam S.
Powerlifter/CrossFitter with life long lower back pain

I absolutely love the lower back unit. I've had bulging discs in my lower back since I was 13, and after getting into powerlifting and CrossFit, I thought my back would be fine with the muscle build up. Well, that didn't happen and I hurt my back real bad in the gym last year (age 28). Went to the doctor, and 3 local chiropractors here in upstate New York; nothing changed. Still in so much pain. I came across Fisher Traction in an ad on Instagram I believe; didn't expect much when I ordered it, but I was desperate after being in pain for months on end. This is the only thing that subsides my lower back pain. I use it as part of my recovery now every couple of days. In layman's terms, it pulls the discs apart that were crushed together from heavy lifts, like squats. This has literally been a game changer for me and I can get back into my workout routine.

Scott H.
Southern California
After going through 30 sessions of…

After going through 30 sessions of spinal decompression with a certified professional from March thru June for a severely herniated Lower disc and plenty of stenosis , I was looking for some type of home unit to help me continue with the progress of stretching/ decompression. I had seen the Fisher Traction unit on FB for the past few months and finally decided to reach out to the company , I sent a message on Friday morning via FB MESSENGER , almost immediately I got a response and it was Dr Fisher himself ! Wow ! By Friday afternoon he shipped me the unit , by Saturday afternoon it was at my home via overnight delivery , I was using the unit by 4pm Sat . Very impressed with the construction and the negative g force pull weight ! Dr Fisher followed up with links / FAQ on how to use it and get maximum results . Very Grateful !