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Fisher Traction


Immediate Back Pain Relief - at Home

Fisher Traction works to treat the SOURCE of your pain by gently stretching and decompressing your spine.

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30-Day Money Back Guarantee | HSA/FSA Eligible

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Save time and $$$ from chiropractor visits

Simple to use and sets up in seconds

Safe. Comfortable. Sets up in seconds

Removes pressure off your nerves and discs

Removes pressure off your nerves and discs

Allows your body to heal naturally

Allows your body to heal naturally

How Fisher Traction Works

How the Fisher Traction Low Back Device Works

Simply attach the RED loop to the outside doorknob and bring it in above the door jamb lock. While inside, close the door securely.

Pull the strap to make sure it has been safely fastened.

How the Fisher Traction Low Back Device Works

Sit down while facing the door with your feet touching the base of the door. Place the hip harness over your head, and down to your hips.

Tighten the harness with the slide buckle and slowly lie back.

How the Fisher Traction Low Back Device Works

Gently pull the DYNAMIC TRACTION release strap for 30 seconds, every 5 minutes.

This will allow fluid to be absorbed, hydrating your spinal discs for decompression and healing.

Fisher Traction Helps Improve

  • Spinal Degeneration
  • Pinched Nerves
  • Disc Bulge/Herniation
  • Limited Mobility
  • Muscle Strains/Spasms
  • Bad Posture
  • Lower Back Pain
  • Stiffness
Order Now & Save 25%

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30-Day Money Back Guarantee | HSA/FSA Eligible

What is Spinal Traction? 

Spinal traction works by gently stretching your spine, creating expansion between the vertebrae and reducing compression between your discs. This slow stretch allows muscles to relax, draws fluid back into your discs, and releases pressure on pinched nerves. Traction lessens your pain and discomfort while allowing your body to heal naturally.

The Fisher Traction Secret: Dynamic Traction

Fisher Traction is the first and only home traction device offering Dynamic Traction. By gently pulling on the release strap every 3-5 minutes, you are relaxing the traction and allowing the absorption of fluid back into the discs. This also gently pulls bones away from nerves creating suction inside of discs to rehydrate those discs and even draw back in painful herniations.

Order Now & Save 25%

includes FREE Shipping

30-Day Money Back Guarantee | HSA/FSA Eligible

Not Just for Back Pain Relief

  • Reduces Pain
  • Improved Posture
  • Better Sleep
  • Fewer Headaches
  • Increased Mobility
  • Improved Circulation
Voted Best New Health ProductHelped over 50,000 People and Growing!
Not Just for Neck Pain Relief
Imagine a Life without Pain

Imagine a Life Without Pain

Reclaim Your Life, Rediscover the Joy of Movement, and Enjoy a Pain-Free Future… with Fisher Traction

  • Don’t let back pain control your life
  • No Prescription Needed
  • Traction allows your body to heal naturally
  • Strengthen Your Spine!
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30-Day Money Back Guarantee | HSA/FSA Eligible

Why Choose Traction?

For many pain-sufferers, home traction is a game-changer that improves their quality of life.

Non-Invasive Relief

It is always best to use conservative treatment before resorting to injections and/or risky surgery

Drug-Free Solution

Traction promotes natural healing and pain relief without the side effects of pain medications.


Enjoy pain relief in the comfort of your own home. No need for frequent visits to therapists or doctors.

Customizable Comfort

Fisher Traction allows you to customize the traction force to your comfort level.


Compared to ongoing chiropractic or physical therapy sessions, it's a one-time investment for long-term pain management and relief.

Order Now & Save 25%

includes FREE Shipping

30-Day Money Back Guarantee | HSA/FSA Eligible

Why Our Customers Love Fisher Traction

Rated 5 Stars

An excellent addition to my maintenance routine

An excellent addition to my lower back PT and maintenance routine. I’ve been a patient of 3-4 different Chiropractic practices over the past 8 years and this device seems to be just as effective as the traction devices used in those practices.

I suffered from ruptured L4-L5 with sciatica as well.

Fisher Traction is easy to use and effective and in expensive.

- Jay Z

Verified Buyer

Rated 5 Stars

Fantastic product and easy to use!

I had a spinal fracture two years ago. This traction unit has made the biggest difference for my recover. It keeps me from getting flair ups and reduces the degeneration on my spine overtime. I can't afford to let my spine degenerate anymore after my fracture, so this is exactly what i need!

I can use it laying on my belly or my back. It's easy to bring with me for trips after long drives. Weather you have back problems or not i think everyone can benefit from this. Afterall we only get one spine, it's worth taking care of!

- JD

Verified Buyer

Rated 5 Stars


I was going to a chiropractor for decompression and when I saw this I was skeptical. After using it I was amazed how good it was and the stretch felt great.

I asked the physical therapist I was using what he thought and he said using the release strap while using it actually allows fluid to go to the discs and is very important with decompression. I’ve only used it a few days and I definitely feel relief. I also like that I can travel with it for additional benefits.

- Brad G.

Verified Buyer

Rated 5 Stars

New lease on life

I have waited a few months to write this, I have tried everything, and I mean everything to get relief from a real bad case of siratica. You name it, I've tried it. I accidentally stumbled across a local PT that offered mechanical decompression, and for the first time in six years I felt real relief. I purchased twelve sessions for about $800.00, but began my search for something I could do at home, and take with me when I travel.

This is absolutely the real deal. I use both of Dr. Fishers traction decompression devices every day for twenty minutes. I've been pain free for several months now. Dr. Fisher even called me to discuss my issue personally, and I can't thank him enough.

- Brad

Verified Buyer

Rated 5 Stars

Excellent Product!

I have tried just about everything to get relief from my lower back pain. Nothing really seemed to work for me. I thought the only option left for me was back surgery. That was until I came across Fisher Traction.

I watched the videos and followed the instructions and within the 1st week of using Fisher Traction my lower back pain was completely under control.

I am now able to play golf again and live my life to its fullest. Definitely Fisher Traction has been a game changer in my life. Thank you Dr. Fisher and I would highly recommend your product to fellow back pain sufferers.

- Greg G..

Verified Buyer

 4.9/5 Stars

Fisher Traction Low Back Device

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DISCLAIMER: If after three consistent traction sessions you experience muscle weakness, sustained numbness, tingling and/or increased pain that is greater than before you first started traction, please discontinue use and consult with your doctor immediately.