Fisher Traction

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Fisher Traction’s patented bungee technology creates a safe pull of up to 50 lbs, offering one of the only at-home traction devices that can decompress without medical assistance. Traction is designed to treat muscle and skeletal disorders by relieving pain, lessening or eliminating muscle spasms and releasing pressure off the spine and bones during treatments.



Step 1

Attach the red loop to the outer door handle above the lock and close the door. Pull the strap to make sure it has been safely fastened.

Step 2

Lay down and slip the harness under the base of your skull.
Slide the buckle to tighten.

Step 3

Gently pull the release strap for 30 seconds every 5 minutes. This will hydrate your spinal discs for decompression and healing.

What's included with the neck unit?

This includes the Fisher Traction neck unit, instruction manual, and (optional) shoulder wedge. Every purchase with a 30 day satisfaction guarantee!

Do I need a doctor's permission to use the Fisher Traction device?

Fisher Traction is easy and safe to use on your own at home. Please follow the directions included with your unit. If you have a serious spinal condition or your symptoms worsen with use, please consult your doctor.

Do I need to purchase the wedge to use the neck unit?

While wedges are not required, they enhance the body's natural alignment by relaxing the back & neck. This allows for maximum decompression.


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