Fisher Traction

Neck Traction Pack

Neck Traction Pack

Relieve Your Neck Pain and Headaches Now With the Strongest, Safest, Patented Mobile Decompression Device on the market.

  • Alleviate neck pain for 80% of users
  • 2019 Best New Health Product Award
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee
  • HSA/FSA Reimbursable Durable Medical Device (DME)
Get It Now $139.99 $149.99

Also includes Inflatable shoulder support & Fisher Traction Tote Bag

Relief is on the way!
Relief from neck pain, headaches, pinched nerves, and more
Regain full neck and back spine mobility
Take control of your pain as
soon as you feel it

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Our Customers Says

Our Customers Says

Nothing has really made me feel like I can control my neck pain by myself until now!

Wow this really works! I've been dealing with neck pain for years and tried everything but nothing has really made me feel like I can control my neck pain by myself until now. I watched the videos a few times which were really helpful. After 4-5 days I could really tell the difference in my neck pain. I did what Dr. F suggested every night before bed but it felt so good I started to use it in the mornings too. I'm using it every day. The pull is really strong and it's so relaxing I sometimes fall asleep while in traction. I really think this is going to be my answer to being able to care for myself. It's going to save me money in the long run for massages and therapy too. Thanks Fisher Traction.

Sami Adams

I am amazed! Took about a week but I feel so much better now!

I am very thankful that I watched the doctor's videos on youtube. The 21 day challenge was the video that I'm most thankful for. I started to use the low back device and at first it didn't seem like it was doing much. I went through the fisher traction youtube videos to make sure I was doing it right. After i watch the 21 day challenge video which said use it every day for the first 21 days I did. I tried to use it at the same time each night like Dr. F said to do. After about the 5 or 6th day of consecutive use I really started to notice a difference. It makes sense since I'm over 50 and my back problem has been around for years it would take time for it to change and start to get better. by about the 3rd week I could tell I was so much better. I had virtually zero pain but my back felt so much looser where I could move better. My back hasn't felt this good in years. It really works but the key for me was to keep using it over and over until I finally went past a point where I was better. Now I use it about once a week for maintenance just to make sure it doesn't come back. The fisher traction videos are really good and very informative.

Marilyn I.

Get Neck Relief - Anytime, Anywhere.

No drugs, no injections, no braces
Safe, patented therapeutic-grade decompression at home
Immediate, Portable, and lightweight for on-the-go relief


  • Gently pulls bones away from nerves while causing suction inside of discs to draw back in herniations
  • Proprietary design is engineered to achieve the strongest pull-force necessary for a clinical level of traction
  • Utilizes latex bungies to mimic the natural characteristics of muscles helping them relax during treatments for better results


With the capacity to create an opposing pull force of up to 50 pounds, Fisher Traction allows you to gradually release the pressure in your cervical spine the same way a professional high-end, expensive decompression table provides in a doctor’s office


With only 15 minutes of daily usage , Fisher Traction creates gentle spinal decompression that allows the discs to rehydrate which relieves pinched nerves , and provides pain relief by restoring the neck to its normal healthy function.

Fisher Traction Is A One-Time
Investment For Lifelong Spinal Health

4.8/5 stars rating

4.8/5 Stars

Get It Now $139.99 $149.99

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Say Goodbye To Neck And Back Pain

If you have headaches, a bulging disc, a pinched nerve, or sit for a desk job, you often feel the added pressure and pain on your neck, and you know how this chronic pain can negatively affect your mood and quality of life.

As your condition worsens, you may find it harder to focus, concentrate, work, attend social events, or engage in other activities that are important to your well-being.

For most people, visiting a physical therapist or a chiropractor is the first step toward pain relief and recovery, but not everyone can commit to the consistency of treatment and financial commitment needed for long-term results. Lack of insurance coverage and scheduling conflicts may prevent you from getting the care you need when you need it, leaving you desperately needing other options.

The problem with home treatments such as heat wraps, pain medications, and cold therapy is that they may only provide temporary relief while the underlying problem persists and gets worse-sometimes to the degree that surgery is required.

The good news is that it doesn’t have to be this way. With Fisher Traction, you do not need to leave your home to access a trusted and effective alternative to surgery, physical therapy, or chiropractic care. Try FISHER TRACTION today! You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

See How It Works

Fisher Traction
Is The #1 Most Effective Mobile Decompression Device On The Market

4.8/5 stars rating

4.8/5 Stars

Get It Now $139.99 $149.99

Fisher Traction Treats The SOURCE Of Pain In The Neck And Back

FISHER TRACTION allows you to achieve the proven benefits of spinal decompression in the comfort of your own home precisely when you need it:

  • Spinal pain is generated by adjacent bones, disc bulges/herniations compressing or squeezing sensitive spinal nerves that are vital for controlling our muscles, tissues, and organs.
  • Fisher Traction was created to remove pressure off the nerves and discs by safely separating structures to eliminate pain, and restore normal function so the body can heal on its own. Pain medication only temporarily hides the pain or symptoms. Fisher Traction treats the origin of pain.


Get It Now $139.99 $149.99

How To Manage Your Pain At Home With Fisher Traction

  • Invest in the Neck device, the Back device, the Combo package, or The Full Relief Package
  • Thoroughly read the Fisher Traction Insert outlining the full directions before using your device
  • Scan the QR Code in the insert to watch the short informative videos for answers to many of your questions and to watch how to set up your device
  • Start your journey to better health.
Get It Now $139.99 $149.99

About the Inventor

Fisher Traction was created by California Chiropractor Dr. Jeff Fisher, who has been practicing for more than 30 years and has treated and helped over 300,000 patients experiencing back and neck pain.

As a result of personal and family experience with acute spinal trauma and disc herniations, Dr. Jeff Fisher saw the need for an affordable, safe, and effective at-home treatment that anyone could access. It was after many hand-crafted prototypes and years of research that Fisher Traction was ready for the market.

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George L.
United States
I recommend this product

My 2nd Fisher Traction Device

I bought the Neck Traction Device after successfully using the Lower Back device for about 3 months with amazing results. While I use the Lower Back device daily in rehabbing from a long-term injury, I use the neck device whenever I have a stiff or sore neck. Works great!

Rasheedah B.
United States United States
I recommend this product

Take a few minutes a day to ease pain

I have disc degeneration in my neck and pain all day but esp when sleeping. I've only used this one week. 10 min in morning, afternoon and eve and feel a big difference in my sleep and flexibility. I use ice and heat afterwards for 10 minutes. My neck pain is getting reduced and I'm so happy I have a way to battle this pain at home and when I travel. Ive purchased other devices and had no luck. As long as u can lay down and reach above your head, you can grab and place the device and using your hands you can release traction with the pull of a release strap. I actually like the feeling of traction, my pain is eased, I can relax and feel immediate relief. I believe consistency is the key to this device. I wish that I had found this years ago. Well worth the money then some. Thank u. Hope u enjoy as I am.

Fisher Traction Neck Traction Device ReviewFisher Traction Neck Traction Device Review
Alycia B.
I recommend this product

5.0 out of 5 stars Couldn’t wait to post this, it was SO good!

Reviewed in the United States �� on November 26, 2022 Verified Purchase We have been having neck pain, probably from not sleeping great. This seemed like a idea, and we were definitely right…relief! Can’t recommend this enough.

Jodie T.
United States United States
I recommend this product

5.0 out of 5 stars Helped my neck

Reviewed in the United States �� on December 9, 2022 Verified Purchase Once you figure out the set up it’s super easy and works. It’s helped me manage my migraines without having to see a chiropractor- such a relief

United States United States
I recommend this product

Helps SO much

5.0 out of 5 stars Reviewed in the United States �� on November 20, 2022 Verified Purchase I've been fighting a pinched nerve in my neck for months and I've tried so many things for relief, TENS, OTC, massage, rubs, but none of them freed that nerve. The first time I used this that nerve was released. It is lightweight, small and easy to store, very simple to use, and was super effective for me. I am definitely ordering the bottom section.