Fisher Traction


Can I use the Fisher Traction - XL Device if I weigh under 230 lbs?

You can certainly try, however – the devices are specifically designed to promote the most therapeutic traction for the user. The heavy-duty device is made with stronger bands that can and may pull a lighter weight user across the floor. Fisher Traction is designed to work best when the user’s upper body remains stationary while in traction . It is best to use the correct device for your body type.

What is the Warranty on the devices?

What is the Return Policy ?

If I have Scoliosis, can I use Fisher Traction?

The neck strap hurts my ears, what can I do?

Why does the Red Loop keep sliding off my door knob?

How important is the Release Strap?

I feel like the head harness is going to slip off my head , why ?